What is Above Dundee?

Above Dundee is an aerial tour of the city filmed using a drone.

Put simply its like google street view but from the air.

Inside the tour are pictures, videos and information markers of all the popular locations.

Who created Above Dundee?

This website was created by local Dundee drone pilot Dale Summerton who now owns Rising View LTD.

This was just a personal project but we film commercially and more information about prices and what we can do can be found on the Rising View website.

Why did you create Above Dundee?

My brother bought me a drone for Christmas, December 2014.

My first drone video (or any video i as a matter of fact!) was shot at Camperdown Park and I uploaded it to a new YouTube channel I created to share with my friends.

A couple of days later when in work one of my staff members told me that my video was featured on the Evening Telegraph website and they were looking for who filmed it.  Next hour it was on the Daily Record website and then STV news.

People really liked the videos so I started filming at all the major Dundee locations and releasing the videos.  Then I got interested in making panoramas and the rest is history!

This is just a personal project and I have not been paid to do this.

Were you paid to film Above Dundee?

No not at all, this is just a fun project I started and got a little carried away!

Its taken thousand of hours but I am very happy with the results and will keep adding to the tour until the whole city is covered!

Can you make something similar for my company?

Yes of course :)

Please visit our prices page on Rising View to find out ballpark figures.

But best to contact us for a proper quote as every job is unique.

Better still phone us on 07947627627

I have an idea of a new location to add to the tour

Of course YES :)

But first check our list of places we have filmed and future locations.

If its not there then contact us and we will see if its possible.

Can I suggest points of interest / pictures / videos to add?

Of course YES :)

If its not there already then contact us and we will see if its possible.

Can anyone fly a drone in these locations?

The simple answer is probably NO.

Most locations we had to gain permission from the landowner and people and buidings had to be in our control and we have passed theory and practical exams to have the skills to do this safe.

We also have permissions to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority and public liability insurance.

Are you insured?

Yes we have insurance for our machines and cameras and £2 million public liability insurance for flight operations in the UK.

How far can you fly?

We are currently operating under a standard CAA permission for aerial work which means we can fly up to 500m from the pilot horizontally and 400 feet (120m) vertically. It is possible to get exemptions to fly further and higher but it may incur extra cost and can take up to 3 weeks to organise. Generally the limits are more than sufficient for the majority of projects.

Can you fly in bad weather?

For safety reasons we do not fly in wind speeds exceeding of 20km/h. Anything above 18km/h will start to affect the smoothness of the shot. Light snow is OK but we are unfortunately unable fly in rain.

Not got your answer?  Contact us and we will be happy to assist with any of your queries.

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Who Created Above Dundee?

Above Dundee was created by a local company called Rising View, one of the UK’s leading operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (or drones). We have aerial permissions granted from the CAA.

We provide premium aerial media solutions using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drone technology. Offering a combination of stunning HD aerial filming and breathtaking aerial photography for a variety of different projects throughout the Scotland and the UK.

UAV’s provide an innovative new alternative to expensive helicopters and actually provide more flexibility as they can fly at lower altitudes providing much more immersive footage, at a much more cost effective price.

We provide full film creation services or fulfil the role of a freelance aerial camera crew to accompany a production team.

The Rising View crew offer a unique service that is bespoke to your application and desired specification.

Interested in getting some work done or finding out the possibilities of drones?  Visit Rising View website for more information.

Rising View


  • Dundee United Football Club

    Rising view delivered exactly what they promised. It was provided with professionalism and all aspects were explained clearly before and during the process. Customer aftercare was prompt and I was left reassured that we were working with experts in this field.

    Joe Rice
    Press Officer
  • Forbes of Kingennie

    Rising View have done an exceptional job in creating a video of the resort. They were very professional and they accomplished everything we asked for, even when we were asking them to add in elements that they had never added before. We would definitely recommend using them.

    Libby Forbes
  • Baillies Estate Agent

    We were delighted with the speed of service, professionalism and attention to detail in our dealings with Rising View and will be using them again soon.

    Joe Dolan
    Property Manager
  • Abertay University

    We’ve been delighted to use aerials taken by RisingView. The work was carried out with professionalism and safety in mind at all times. The results are fantastic and would recommend for others who are looking for aerial footage.

    Lisa Trainer
    Video Producer
  • Brechin High School

    We asked Rising View to complete some drone work at our New Community Campus, which is three months away from completion. The work done was fantastic and is now on public display. From the drone images everyone can get an idea of how the site is looking. Work was done quickly and to an excellent standard we are very pleased with the result. Would highly recommend.

    Mr A. Mills
    Depute Head Teacher
  • St. Johnstone Football Club

    We were delighted with the unique video footage Rising View were able to record for us of McDiarmid Park. We’ve used what they recorded in our promotional videos and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services.

    Ross Cunningham
    Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Dundee Football Club

    Everyone is very happy with the footage I saw some yesterday myself and it looks amazing. I can say with much confidence that I am pretty sure that we will want to use the drone again.

    Steve Martin
    Commercial Director

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